Coordinating and Mobilising Additional Resources for Remote Communities

Importantly, Saúde Ba Ema Hotu recognises that individual, family and community wellbeing depends on more than medical services. To achieve a healthy society we also need to ensure that all people have access to vital services that address socio-economic determinants of health such as water and sanitation, housing, power, education and household income.

To work towards this, a key role of our healthcare professionals is to identify gaps that impact upon community wellbeing and the quality of life of individuals and families and then to provide linkages and work with other service delivery organisations to address these gaps.

In this way, Saúde Ba Ema Hotu can perform a stewardship role to mobilise additional resources and secure services and improvements to rural and remote villages.  We work to connect with and establish an extensive network of service providers, including both government and non-government, to coordinate services for rural and remote communities. 

We work together with local leadership, including the Chefe de Suco and Chefe de Aldeia, as well youth and community groups and the Church as well as district government officials, to provide a holistic and connected approach to community wellbeing.

This will improve the quality of life and wellbeing of Timorese in rural and remote areas while also reducing poverty, illness and disease.

In undertaking this work, Saúde Ba Ema Hotu has a particular focus on the needs of children, women, the disadvantaged and the disabled.